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Cyberattacks: Hacking of the sites of the Presidency and ministries of the State of Senegal

Several state digital platforms, including the website of the Presidency of the Republic of Senegal, were hacked this Friday, May 26, 2023. It is in this context that the spokesperson for the Senegalese government noted this in a press release:

The hacker group “the Mysterious Team” declared on social networks that they attacked the websites of public services in Senegal using the domain gouv.sn (managed by SENUM). After verification, it is a DDOS Attack.As a reminder, a DDOS is a computer attack that consists of overwhelming a network with massive amounts of traffic by saturating the bandwidth of the resource of the attacked site. The large amounts of traffic launched to the site prevent legitimate users from accessing the application or service.On social networks, the perpetrators of the attack pose as the hacker group "Anonymous", known to have reached other state infrastructures in the world.SENUM SA responsible for managing the Gouv.sn domain has mobilized all of its teams to enable users of these institutional sites to access online services as quickly as possible.”

Always in the same logic, the General Management of Senegal Digital SA wanted to reassure the users of these digital services by specifying the following:

Senegal Numérique SA wishes to inform that all government websites have been accessible since 2 a.m. this Saturday, May 27, 2023, following a temporary unavailability due to sabotage attempts quickly contained.

The Senegal Digital SA technical services are on high alert and remain mobilized to guarantee, at all times, the normal operation of the various government sites and institutions.

The Director General and his teams, who are hard at work strengthening the security of the platforms, want to reassure all users that the situation is under control. »

Source: http://www.osiris.sn/Attaque-en-masse-de-sites-web-du.html

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