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Ratification of the Malabo Convention: Mauritania submits its project and becomes the 15th State

Mauritania submitted on 09 May 2023,  the the Malabo Convention on cybersecurity and the protection of personal data. It thus becomes the 15th State to have ratified the convention. Ratification is expected to enter into force on June 08, 2023. 

Mauritania's breakthrough marks an important milestone in the African continent's efforts to address cybersecurity and data protection issues. The Convention, which the Assembly of AU adopted in 2014, aims to create a comprehensive legal framework for e-commerce, data protection, cybercrime and cybersecurity on the continent. Once the Malabo Convention is operational, all 55 AU Member States are mandated to have national laws in each of these policy areas that conform to the various standards and principles set out in the Convention.

The Convention has generally been seen as a political milestone for the African continent, it has also drawn criticism as a legal instrument. Points of concern include that the Convention lacks important detail and does not provide mechanisms to support its application.


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